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Understanding Water Levels on Elkhorn Creek

As the paddling season kicks off, it’s important to understand how to interpret water conditions before hitting the creek. Conditions are relative to each waterway, so we strongly encourage you to understand the ideal water conditions of any given stream before going paddling.

Head to the Water Levels tab on our website to find all the tools you’ll need to check on Elkhorn Creek water conditions for the day. You’ll even find a live cam to get a current view of the creek right behind our shop!

There you will also find a water level gauge from the USGS, showing real time readings of the water level, or how high the water is on Elkhorn Creek. You can use our water level interpreter to understand what the level means for your paddling experience. Check out this post for a breakdown of what each color on the water level interpreter actually means.

As always, please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need more info regarding water conditions before booking your trip. We look forward to sharing great days on the water with you this season!

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