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Do I Need A Trailer?

As kayaks have continued to get bigger, and better, of course, we have seen many paddlers going away from roof topping their boats to hauling them in the bed of a pickup truck or on a trailer. We are fans of both, but not everyone has a pickup truck, and not everyone is hauling just one or two boats; many more than that is almost impossible! Trailers are quickly becoming the best solution and one we are very supportive of.

Do I need a trailer? A trailer is much, much easier for getting your boat to and from the water. A trailer allows you to leave all your paddling gear loaded and ready to go for the next time (we do recommend loosening your straps when you leave it for any period of time as the kayak will "flex" and tighten the straps too tight). A trailer allows you to take your buddies along with you and haul more boats. A trailer does involve some practice driving with, especially backing, but, don't let this scare you! Backing can be easily learned, and worse case, these trailers are so light they can be unhooked and hand backed.

We carry in stock trailers from Yakima and Genesis. The above trailer is a new, two level trailer from Yakima called the EasyRider (Approx. $3,399.00). It is perfect for hauling one to four kayaks, and you can add all sorts of accessories like cargo boxes, bike racks, paddle holders, etc. Many of these accessories are available through Yakima or Malone, both partners of ours, but, any accessories are also DIY. We are happy to advise you on any of those, for example paddle holders, fishing rod lockers, etc.

We also carry two different trailers from Genesis out of Holland, Michigan. The one above is the bunk, two kayak version. This is a great option for those that can back right near the water as well as want to haul only one or two kayaks. The model below is sold at CKY with two cross bars (Approx. $1,399) and with four cross bars (Approx. $1.499.00), as shown. The two cross bar model can hold up to 4 kayaks, but most haul two. The four cross bar model is designed for 4 kayaks, but we have seen 6. We are huge Genesis Trailers fans because, one, they are no bones about it, no frills, but awesomely priced, and two, they have great customer service and great after sale support.

Please stop by and check out all our trailers we have in stock. If you are considering one for 2022, we recommend getting your order in now, because like most things, once what we have is gone, we will likely be on an 8 to 10 week wait for more.

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