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Adventure off the Grid

Let's call it off the grid with some creature comforts. We've made it possible for you to experience a unique, remote adventure on one of Kentucky's most beautiful streams, Elkhorn Creek near Frankfort.

It's creekside camping with three 12x14 canvas tents on raised platforms with front-porch views that are...well...simply beautiful. It's perfect for renting for groups up to 12, or individually.

Here's the amazing part: You can combine this with a canoe and/or kayak trip, paddle to the remote campsite, and your vehicles and your gear are at the campsite. Provided in the deal: beds in the tents, a bundle of firewood, ice and bottled water in first-class Jackson Kayak Orion coolers, running portable water and more. Classy.

Nathan Depenbrock, who along with his wife is owner of Canoe Kentucky, said the campsite was developed to give people the opportunity "to unplug and get off the grid...which we all know is often needed in today's day and age."

He added, "Our peaceful, hidden camping spot allows you to unplug but with many of the comforts of home. I mean, where else can you get a hot shower, enjoy a soft bed, and soak in the sights and sounds of our beautiful world, all in the middle of nowhere and the middle of nature."

For all the details of how to arrange your trip, go here:

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