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Current Elkhorn Creek Conditions

Live Web Cam!

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Water Level Interpreter

Red - 5ft & Above - Rentals Unavailable

Yellow - 4.5ft-5ft

Extreme Caution

Blue - 3.75ft-4.5ft

Caution Needed

Green - 2.5ft-3.75ft

Ideal Conditions

Orange - 2.0ft.-2.5ft

Low Levels

Gauge Height at Knights Bridge

Water Temperature Gauge


Be sure to dress appropriately for the water conditions present. Wear materials that maintain their warmth even when wet, such as wool, as well as taking a dry change of clothes in a dry compartment to change into. Wearing jeans, anything cotton especially, is HIGHLY DISCOURAGED!


Also be sure to wear your lifejacket AT ALL TIMES, as thicker layering of clothes can lead to a feeling of being "weighted down" when wet, as well as decrease mobility. The shock of cold water can also very quickly decrease mobility, almost instantly. 


Be sure to do a very honest assessment of your paddling skills and cold-water knowledge before you venture out. We want to ensure we get to see you again when the warm-water months roll back around!

Flow in Cubic Feet per Second

January - 1,110 CFS

February - 1,270 CFS

March - 1,360 CFS

April - 927 CFS

May - 732 CFS

June - 428 CFS

July - 274 CFS

August - 191 CFS

September - 189 CFS

October - 191 CFS

November - 383 CFS

December - 891 CFS

Flow in Cubic Feet per Second

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Canoe Kentucky began out of necessity more than out of planning. Ed and Bess Councill came to Kentucky in the late 70's from Richmond, Virginia. Ed was employed by a state environmental agency and then by Caveland Sanitation in South Central Kentucky.


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