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School and Educational Groups

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School and Educational Groups

Canoe Kentucky has specialized in helping educators for years to provide quality opportunities to bring the classroom outside. Using paddling as a learning opportunity is well proven, and subjects such as math, science, geography, physical education and more, are all perfectly at home in this environment... PLUS, it is just plain FUN!

We offer paddle tips on the Elkhorn Creek and the Kentucky River. The Elkhorn is moving water, which makes it a little more adventuresome, but there also exists more opportunities to get out of the boat, swim, play in the water, look at creatures, and more. This trip will traverse our 5 mile Fun Float section. The Kentucky River is flat water, which is much more beginner friendly, but less spots to stop. It is a great environment for tracing history.

CLICK HERE for rates for school groups.  Feel free to CONTACT US to discuss how we can make this the best experience for your school group.

Environmental Education

Canoe Kentucky offers a variety of on the water and land based, hands on learning experiences to reinforce curriculum topics you covered in your classroom. We will tailor these to your class size, topics you wish to cover, and time frame you are available to be with us. We will coordinate the best location for your class’ experience, whether it be in Frankfort, your school, or a surrounding area. Let us help you plan your field trip which will meet your students’ needs and your desires. We look forward to working with you to conduct hands on learning activities with your students.  CLICK HERE to email our professional staff who can assist you in arranging the perfect solution to your teaching needs.

STARTING at $200.00

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Our professional guides assist you in making the most memorable and safest experience you can provide. Guides on your trip will provide additional pre-trip safety guidelines, assist getting in and out of boats, set up as a lead down the creek as well as safety, provide on water paddling instruction, and much more. A guide, or guides, shows tat you want to provide the safest and most high quality experience for your students.

Recommended guide to student ratio is 1 guide to 10 students. Maximum is 15 students to one guide.

STARTING at $75.00 per guide



Elkhorn Creek

All rates are per person. One free teacher/ chaperone per 10 students.

Available Monday through Friday only. 

Canoe: $25.00

Raft: $25.00

Tandem Kayak: $30.00

Solo Kayak: $35.00

Kentucky River

All rates are per person. One free teacher/ chaperone per 10 students.

Available Monday through Friday only. 

Canoe: $20.00

Tandem Kayak: $25.00

Solo Kayak: $30.00

Stand Up Paddleboard: $30.00

(SUP: Groups of 10 or less)

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