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What's NEW for '22!?

We are so excited to announce that we will have a BRAND NEW rental option for 2022: Whitewater Rafting!

For many years we have not been able to offer any trips on the "Palisades" of the Elkhorn Creek, a stretch that runs from the Forks of Elkhorn down to Knight's Bridge. We have been hesitant to offer trips up there for many years due the dangers of the Jim Beam dam. But since that dam is no more... time to get paddlin'!

We will begin offering in April 2022 Guide Assisted Whitewater Rafting trips! We have numerous rafts, all self bailing, all designed to hold 3 to 5 guests. Guide Assisted means one Canoe Kentucky staff member will be along to keep the group moving and to offer an advise and help, but the maneuvering and paddling of the raft is left to those in it!

Keep on eye on our website for bookings, which will be available by first of the year! Cost will be $75.00 per person for a four hour trip. We can handle groups up to 50 people. All equipment is provided, including rafts, paddles, lifejackets, helmets, shuttles and more.

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