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Reopening Operations? NEW Adaptations for Rentals, Retail Shopping and Summer Camps

Update April 27, 2020

Ready to get back to NORMAL? So are we... but we do realize that NORMAL is not going to look NORMAL for a while. We have to adjust like everyone, so we do have some adaptations in place... we like the word adaptations over restrictions! Sounds more EARTHY!


  • We are currently offering our "COVID 19 Elkhorn Creek Rental"

  • We will begin offering "NEW" normal rental operations as of May 15, 2020 - this is subject to change

  • Once "NEW" normal rental operations begin, there will be COVID-19 adaptations in place, like:

> Limited shuttled persons per trip; vehicles will run at half capacity.

> Shuttle will run every 1/2 hour during the week and every 15 minutes on the weekends - your reservation time will still be on the hour, but we will be shuttling on these times.

> All equipment will be disinfected prior to using, after using and at any point human contact is made.

> RESERVATIONS and ONLINE BOOKING will be REQUIRED! This includes having your online waiver completed prior to entering our store. If you do not have your reservation made prior to arrival, you will need to do so on our website while in our parking area.

> NO WALK IN BOOKINGS will be allowed until further notice!

> Customers and guests are HIGHLY encouraged to bring and wear masks while encountering staff, other guests, etc.

> You will notice more adaptations upon your visit, but these are the highlights.

Retail Shopping

  • We are currently offering Parking Lots Sales, Free Delivery and Pickup.

  • We will begin offering "NEW" normal store operations May 15, 2020 - this is subject to change

  • Our shop will be limited to a certain number of guests at a time, so plan on being patient

  • We will be offering demo's once "NEW" normal operations begin

Summer Camp

  • As of April 30, 2020, camps will go from two camps per week down to one camp per week

  • ALL OVERNIGHT CAMPS are cancelled!

  • Our camps this year will be two Fishing Camps and 6 Adventure Camps

  • Since we are limited to one camp, you will have the option of cancelling or moving your child to the one camp offered if you have already regsitered.

  • Camps in June will be limited to 10 youth versus ouregistered.

  • Camps in July will be limited to 15 youth

  • All equipment, vehicles and heavy touch items and surfaced will be disinfected multiple times daily

  • Youth will be required to maintain and disinfect all personal equipment for camp

  • Temperature checks will be conducted on all youth each morning before parents leave them in our care

  • All camp staff will wear masks when not able to social distance

  • All campers are required to bring masks and wear them when not able to properly social distance

  • Many more adaptations will be done during camp, but these are the highlights.

  • Any questions about camps and our COVID adaptations should be sent to our Outreach Coordinator and Camp Director Chris, at

All COVID adaptations are subject to change. We encourage you to check back as often as you can for any updates to our policies. We can also be reached by phone with any concerns at:

502 227 4492 Ext 8

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