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Registering Your Canoe or Kayak in Kentucky

New kayak added to your fleet? Congrats! You have lots of fun days on the water ahead of you. Before heading out, we highly recommend registering your new boat. This step is often overlooked, and can be a frustrating process without the correct information. Never fear- we are here to help!

First, you'll want to register your new boat with the manufacturer for warranty purposes. Simply head to the manufacturer website and scroll to the bottom of the page. In most instances, you'll find a link to "Register Your Kayak." Fill out your information and bam- you're registered!

Planning to add a motor to your canoe or kayak? In the state of Kentucky, you are required to register any mechanically powered boat at your county clerk's office. Mechanically powered includes gas powered outboard motors, trolling motors, or electric powered motors. Let us know if are planning to add a motor to your boat, or may in the future. We can help make this process a breeze!

Upon purchasing a new boat here at Canoe Kentucky, we will provide you with a purchase receipt and statement of origin. We are able to notarize your paperwork here in our store, so you will be the most prepared person at the county clerk's office!

Check out this registration rundown from CKY Office Manager, Kali.

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