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Opening Under "New Normal"!

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

*updated 9/1/20

So beginning Friday May 21, 2020, we will begin operating under our "New Normal" adaptations and protocol. What does that mean? No longer will our only trip be the COVID 19 rental we have been offering, meaning two vehicles, no entering the shop, etc., etc.

We will be offering two trip options, both of which are available to book online NOW! They are:

> Fun Float

> All Day Adventure

Available in:

> Canoes

> Kayaks

> Tandem Kayaks

> 3, 4 and 5 person Rafts (Limited Availability)

> Fishing Kayaks

There are numerous special adaptations we are having to make in order to operate safely and effectively. Some of these, but not limited to, are:

(Understand we are doing ALL WE CAN to provide you with an outdoor recreation opportunity! You must do your part to assist us, or you may not be able to go or you may be denied the ability to go with our business)

> Rentals available every 1/2 hour, beginning at 9 during the week and 8 on the weekends

> You MUST arrive on time, which is 20 minutes prior to your reservation time. Late arrivals can not be guaranteed we will get on the water, as we are limited on shuttle capacity. Please plan for this in order to guarantee your trip. NO REFUNDS WILL BE OFFERED FOR LATE ARRIVALS!

> Reservations are REQUIRED! We will not accept any Walk On's. If you arrive without a reservation, you can make one in your vehicle before you enter our facilities.

> We are running at 25% capacity all season, so AVAILABILITY WILL BE VERY LIMITED! Plan to make your reservation early, as we will be selling out FAST!

> Every half hour rental will be limited to 20 persons or less so we can properly social distance in the shop, vehicles and access points. Plan for this if you have a group greater than 20, as we will have to split that up into separate shuttle times.

> All waivers and pre trip requirements, ie. viewing the safety video, etc., must be done prior to arrival.

> Restrooms will be EXTREMELY LIMITED, so it is highly recommend you use these prior to arrival.

> Hand sanitizing stations will be available, and all of our current cleaning measures will still be in place.

> We highly recommend wearing a mask when encountering CKY staff and other customers.

> Upon arrival, only one member per vehicle will be allow in the shop to sign in. Once parked in our lots, the remainder of the group or party will be directed on following steps.

> Our shuttle vehicles will be running at half capacity, so that we can properly distance groups.

> If you own your own kayak, YOU WILL NOT be allowed on any of our properties, unless your are shopping in our store. If you are arriving with someone who has their own kayak, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND bringing your own vehicle as they cannot stop in our lots/ access points.

> NO Private Boat shuttles or Pay For Parking, unless you bought your boat from us, and in that case, your FREE shuttle service and access is good for life...this will not change!

This is a short list of what you can expect this season. Understand, as said above, we are doing all we can to provide the safest and best possible outdoor experience, but we are very limited in what we can offer due to regulations. We must follow guidelines.

Also understand that YOU must assume responsibility for yourself and your group. We can only do what is in our power; YOU must practice the best safety measures you can, ie. social distancing, masks, hand sanitizing, etc. If you want to enjoy the creek and are concerned about "CROWDS", DO NOT COME ON A WEEKEND! Again, we will limit our numbers, but there are many, many other people who do not rent from us that will be using the creek and we cannot control them. Come during the week where it will be phenomenally less busy... or at least historically it is!

If any of the COVID 19 restrictions change, we will change with them. We hope that they change for the better, but we hope that you, as a loyal customer and friend, know that we are practicing these adaptations in order to provide you the best possible experience.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help plan your experience! The creek will be a popular place this year and we know that it might just be the thing you need!

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