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COVID - 19 Update - "Get Outdoors"

It is proven that being outside is a sure fire way to cure many things; viruses, depression, social anxiety, worry, boredom, and much more. So start planning and start doing now!

Our shop is open, Wednesday through Sunday, 9 AM to 5 PM. We have extra hours during this time and extra plans... * see below!

We will begin our rental season as planned, April 1st. YES, we do have some COVID - 19 plans in place, but expect the Elkhorn Creek to be your best therapy!

* What are our new plans and procedures?:

Retail Shop

- We are continually disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces in the shop, per CDC recommendations.

- During normal shop hours, know that this time of year, a normal busy day has a total of 4 to 6 customer groups per day, we will be keeping customers in areas away from each other and with more than enough social distancing

- If you wish to have private shopping hours, we can arrange those at AT TIME OF ANY DAY!

- We offer demo's every day of every week, and these are one on one, so they will be in private where you do not need to be near other customers.

- FREE DELIVERY on all canoe and kayak purchases within a limited area

Rental Shop

- April 1, rentals begin and shuttle times will be offered AT WILL, which means, when you arrive and all waivers and safety briefings are done, you will be shuttled up, rather than waiting for a large group or the top of every hour.

- We will limit the size of our groups in vehicles to 8 or less, and we will spread out in vehicles to allow social distancing

- Customers will be allowed, if they so desire, to ride to the put in in their own vehicle prior to the trip and we will shuttle the driver back to the vehicle at the end of the experience

- Hour rental times and hours will be extended to get you on the water when you want to get on the water

We will do WHAT EVER IT TAKES to get you, your friends and family on the water in the safest possible manner, and to whatever makes you the most comfortable. We are committed and we truly believe that in these tough times, we should come together to get through it, and one of the best ways to get through it, is to GET OUTSIDE! We, along with many small local businesses, need your support. We hope that we can help you, and you can help us!

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