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COVID - 19 Update as of 3/23/2020

As of 8:00 PM March 23, 2020, the Canoe Kentucky shop will be closed to any foot traffic in the shop. This is due to Governors order in the State of KY. We will still have a team member manning the phones, as well as checking emails and getting spring projects done.

We do pray and hope that this lasts only a short while, but do to the shut down, we have decided to move our opening day back to Friday, April 10. This could change as well, but we hope that these two weeks will be enough to allow us back in operation so that we can help so many get outside and get moving!

We are happy to still sell you a canoe, kayak or SUP over the phone, or my email or chat, and we will allow either Curbside Pickup or FREE Delivery to your home or Dock! Please give us a call and we can talk about options and what we can do!

We are also still taking reservations for the upcoming season, which includes rentals, summer camps and more. Now we know that it is tough to plan when you are going to come out and join us, so we have a solution! Buy a Gift Card! It will be good for as long as you need it, and once you have it, it will keep you from making excuses on when to come out and paddle!

We like so many other small businesses NEED your support in these times. We are still here for you, keeping the creek clean, updating you on water levels, preparing for the year, being the local professionals... and paying our team to do that! We hope that you are able to be there for us! We, unlike a restaurant, can't make a little extra income by switching to pickup and carry out. So we hope you can help by purchasing a gift card and planning ahead now. Every sale goes a long way to ensuring we are able to "weather this storm" and be here for you on the other side.

Gift Cards available here:

We hope you are doing well through this time. Get outside and breathe some fresh air. It will be good for you! We will get through this, and we will all be sharing the eddy's together again soon!

Below, we are practicing what we preach! A beautiful Sunday morning, March 22, looking for wildflowers at the Kleber Wildlife Management Area!

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