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COVID 19 and our Wonderful Team: Kali Sanders, Engagement Coordinator

It is easy as a CKY customer to see the "pretty side" of our day to day operations. You show up, and everything looks good, is in a certain location and all your questions are hopefully answered and you are ready to go. If your renting, it is as simple as watching the video and heading out. If you are buying a kayak, it is there, in front of you, decked out and ready to go. But all of that does not "Just Happen". There is so many things that go in to making those "day to day" things happen.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kali has had to wear a lot of hats! This time of year normally surrounds her with numerous other Customer Service employees to answer phones, email, messages, etc... but, of course, not now! She has had to take over a laundry list of "To Do's", some of those include: prepping the shop retail space with new and exciting inventory; working with daily customers who are buying boats and gear; answering customer questions and inquiries through phone, email, website message, Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor, Yelp, message in a bottle...on and on!; cleaning, and sanitizing, and cleaning; updating website functions, like our online reservation program and waivers; managing shop inventory, both when it arrives and by creating Purchase Orders, ordering, adding to our computer inventory, etc.; keeping the smiling face as part of our front line priority; and much, much more!

DID YOU KNOW...Kali has been with CKY Canoe Kentucky since 2017, where she started as an intern. Imagine leaving your rural home; she comes to us from Central Illinois; and showing up in Peaks Mill, Kentucky, not knowing anybody! What a daunting task and scary endeavor, but she found herself blending in to the family right away. She comes from a retail background, having family who own farm stores in Illinois, and she spent a good part of her youth working in those and other stores. She was a high school softball player, and participated in many tournaments all over the country. She is a huge fan of all sports, and plays volleyball, basketball and more. She loves to spend her paddling time on a Stand Up Paddleboard, but is just as at home in a canoe or kayak. She also loves tubing, especially extreme tubing... ask her about her Oklahoma City tubing experience some time!

We, Allison and Nathan, owners of CKY Canoe Kentucky, want to THANK Kali for all she does for us and for you! She is a wonderful asset to our business and to the community of Frankfort, Kentucky, but most importantly, she is a wonderful person! She is very caring and concerned, she will do just about anything asked of her... unless it involves a snake...and she is one of the most hard working young ladies we know. We cannot say THANK YOU enough to her, so we hope you might help! Please show your gratitude to her next time your in the shop. It's easy to forget she is just a 25 year old kid running a huge part of a large machine known as Canoe Kentucky!

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