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COVID 19 and our Wonderful Team: Chris Howard, Outreach Coordinator

CKY: Canoe Kentucky is everywhere in Frankfort these days. It is at our Peaks Shop. It is in our downtown, especially during our Kentucky River Jams Music and Arts Festival. It is with your kids during our Summer Camps and youth programs like our Homeschool Adventure Program. It is in partnerships with Buffalo Trace and West Six. And it is in so many other places. Why? There is a TON of behind the scenes work that is done by our phenomenal Outreach Coordinator, Chris.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Chris has had to change his role more so that most other team members. His job is normally being in front of people, offering programs, activities and more. Well, we can't do that! So he has been spending a lot of time working in the shop taking good care of all our customers while still dreaming and planning for better days ahead. Just because we can't do what we are used to doing, that does not mean we can plan for them. Chris has been doing that, dreaming of ideas for 2020 and putting all those puzzle pieces together. Things like Summer Camps; artists, vendors and musicians for the Kentucky River Jam series, beginning June 27 and offered once a month, at a new location on the river bank at Kentucky River View Park; partnership trips with Buffalo Trace Distillery, and our NEW "Taste of Frankfort" tour, offered with Bourbon on Main, Sig Lusher, West Six and Riverboat Grill; homeschool adventure programs for youth in Georgetown and in Frankfort; numerous guided hikes and paddle trips; and much, much more!

DID YOU KNOW...Chris has been with CKY since 2016, although he was hired in 2015! Chris was hired to run a satellite location we were going to open in Eastern Kentucky, complete with canoe rentals and a zipline course, but those plans fell through. Chris had to graciously "punt and run", therefore staying at his current job, until plans came together one year later and we were honored and thrilled enough to be able to bring him on the CKY Team. Chris was born in Eastern Kentucky, and has spent a lot of time in the woods, in the caves and on the rivers of that area, including one of his favorites, Tygarts Creek near Carter Caves SP. Chris loves to get out on the water, and his partner in crime when paddling is often his son, Rylan, who his absolute pride and joy and why he does what he does. Chris is your go to guy if you need any help with Team Building activities, and anything with ropes, as those are a huge part of his background. He even serves on a state ropes certification board to assist those in the Commonwealth running and operating aerial ropes courses and parks.

We, Allison and Nathan, owners of CKY Canoe Kentucky, want to THANK Chris for all he does. Words cannot say how proud we are of him and what he has done to increase the brand recognition of Canoe Kentucky. It is well beyond anything we could have ever imagined when we took over this operation so many years ago. His hard work, dedication, drive, personality and ownership mentality are just a few of his strongest assets that we so appreciate in him. If you ever encounter the name CKY out in the community or beyond the walls of our Peaks Mill shop, know that it did not get there on its own; it was likely do to the dedication of Chris. Where Chris loves to be in front of people leading, he often does not get to hear the kind words thanking him for his work. So, take time and reach out, either in person or online message, and let him know you appreciate all he does. Chris takes the littlest kind words to heart, and they drive him to continue on the path he is paving!

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