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COVID 19 and our Wonderful Team: Chad Harp - Shop Manager

When it comes to knowing what is going on on the Elkhorn Creek, Chad is your guy. He lives to talk about fishing and paddling. And he makes sure that when you come out, you will have everything you need and want, and it will be ready right then and right now. That does not just happen, folks! There is a lot of "behind the curtain" work that goes on.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Chad has been working hard selling boats, renting boats and getting everything ready for the rest of the 2020 season. There are a lot of maintenance jobs that have to be completed this time of year, and most years those would be completed by a team of 4 to 6 employees. But in these times where we are unable to have employees come in to work, much of that responsibility for outside projects falls on Chad's shoulders.

Some of the things you will find Chad working on are: cleaning, washing and maintaining all the CKY vehicles; cleaning up the parking areas; pressure washing, well, everything!; restocking canoes and kayaks for sale; prepping the put in and take out spots; building tent platforms at our our new creek front camping area; removing trash, trash and more trash, etc.

Chad has also had a lot more time to fish during the shutdown. He has been getting out on the creek two and three nights a week, as well as spending his off days on the water. So know that he is your go to source if you need advice on what the fish are biting on and where they all are! One other thing he has been spending some time planning is his "VIP Florida Fishing Trip" (Click for more info). Spend a week on a beautiful deep sea boat at the Chandeleur Islands, launching your kayak each day in the deep blue, catching Red Drum, Sea Trout and more! This is an all inclusive experience that is sure to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

DID YOU KNOW...Chad has been with CKY: Canoe Kentucky since 2012. He has been a full time team leader since 2015, where he came to us after a long career of over 20 years at Lowes. He has been fishing and hunting his whole life. He was born in Kansas but has spent most of his adult life in Kentucky. His dream? Work on a fishing boat in his favorite place; the Florida Keys! He has been lucky enough to go to the Key's twice in the last 4 years. His passion is his daughter, Sarah, who is about to graduate from high school this year. His newest pride? His custom color Jackson Kayaks Coosa HD fishing kayak he has named "Death Punch".

We, the owners of Canoe Kentucky, cannot say enough nice things about Chad. If and when you meet him, you would think he is the owner! He has that much pride and investment in the business. We like to think of him as an "old, loyal dog", who will do anything; anything for you, and who expects nothing in return. He will always have your back, and he will always be excited to see you. Help us show our love for him next time you stop by. What means the most to Chad? A pat on the back, a handshake, or a simple "Thank You!" Trust us, he is a simple man with a huge heart!

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