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Could there be a raft in your future?

2024 brings us innovation with several boat brands, and the new NRS Approach 120 micro raft is truly enticing. Our lead marketer and pro staff member John Bramel likes this craft. A lot. "It weights only 70 pounds, 160 pounds with a full setup," he said. "We're told it'll float in 3 inches of water. If Fall low water levels are the new norm for Kentucky's streams, then this will be quite the fishing tool."

The length is 12 feet; width is 49 inches. It's designed to easily slide into the back of a pickup truck.

Worried about durability? The Approach 120 is ultra durable. The weight/denier of the tube material, floor material and bottom wear patch makes this thing virtually bullet-proof.

There's an adjustable slot rail that's accessory compatible for things like YakAttack accessories. "Wait 'til you see your fly rod storage setup," said Bramel. "It's good."

Folding seats, dry box storage, internal anchor system, a bow angler molded thigh hook, "the design planning that's gone into this thing is impressive." The price, $4,994, compares to a fully loaded professional-level fishing kayak.

"But of course, if you're like me, a 'traditional' sit-on-top kayak fisherman, there's going to be a serious mental shift here," Bramel laughed. "You're going to be rowing. Facing forward."

But after dry land sitting in the thing when an NRS rep brought one to the Canoe Kentucky exhibit space at a boat show, he liked it. As stated earlier, a lot.

"The comfort level is awesome. The view from that high is superior. Fishing from the bow position...are you kidding me? Mega cool. And as long as you and your fishing partner are winning to swap seats often...perfect." And there's one particular thing in his mind when comparing fishing from this raft as compared to a sit-on-top fishing kayak. "The NRS rep said she wouldn't hesitate to push the Approach 120 through Class 3 rapids," said Bramel. "If that's the case, this is going to open up a lot of water for us." So in short, there's much to think about here. Could there be a raft, maybe even an NRS Approach 120 in your future?

Wanna buy? Canoe Kentucky is now taking pre-orders, and NRS is expected to start shipping the craft in May. Call the shop at (502) 227-4492 and talk with Kali for more details. Or visit our Peaks Mill location Thursday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Or you can always schedule a face-to-face any day just by calling.


For all the specs, details and more about the Approach 120, just click on the NRS link below:

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