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CKY's COVID-19 Update as of April 1, 2020

We hope this photo taken from one of last summer's Adventure Camps gets you "tipping all over yourself" for the upcoming paddling season! We all need to get outside!

Another update! As of April 1, 2020, CKY: Canoe Kentucky will be:

CLOSED to any rentals on the Elkhorn Creek or the Kentucky River that involve any shuttles or use of our shop

CLOSED to any in store shopping or purchases

OPEN to rentals on the Elkhorn Creek if you sign up on our website or over the phone ahead of time, sign waivers and watch the video ahead of time (these will be emailed to you) and run your own shuttles. This means you will need to bring two vehicles. We will provide parking at the put in and take out, and we will gather and get all gear together for you, but you are basically "renting the equipment only".

OPEN for Parking Lot shopping... you will be required to stay in your vehicle, but we can bring boats/ gear out to you to see and purchase

OPEN to FREE DELIVERY! (within 100 miles, or so, of Peaks Mill... we will make exceptions!)

All of this is UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We are still in the shop Wednesday through Sunday, so feel free to call or chat with us and we will answer any questions you have. Our phones are monitored 24/7, so no matter what time of day you have a question, just ask!

502 227 4492 Ext 8 for a Real Person!

We are still in the shop getting ready for the upcoming season, and as soon as we are legally aloud to be back on the water... we will be and we will be ready! As of now, we feel that by May 1st we will be back... but we are not scientist or the decision makers, so we will be back when we can be back! We hope that you are still able to get outside through these times, and we hope you will consider supporting us and all your local businesses in some way. Either get on the water now, or plan for this summer by picking yourself up a Gift Card to come out soon! We are all i this together and together we will win this fight!

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