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CKY's COVID - 19 Response and Plan

We always believe it is best to follow the advice of the medical community. We are by no means doctors,...however, we believe social distancing doesn't mean "don't go outside". Signs of spring are all around us, it would be a shame to spend this time locked inside. Here at CKY we are operating just like every other March, spring cleaning and preparing for the rental season (April 1st). Our retail store is open and ready for customers as always! Some of our upcoming guided trips may be affected, especially our Buffalo Trace Paddle Tours and West 6th Paddles, and as we know if they will be, we will communicate that.

We have taken extra precautions on how and what we are cleaning, and have enacted new policies bleaching the shop and disinfecting all human contact points. Our community programs are running like normal, as we are out of doors and teaching people about nature.

We are monitoring local Emergency Management procedures and following their guidelines. We have been in communication with local officials, and if it is deemed that we change our procedures we will do so and let our guests know about it as soon as we know. If you feel sick, stay home, and seek medical advice; if your not, don't let fear control you. Don't allow the current situation to make you feel as if your trapped inside. You are not trapped! Take a hike, go paddling, visit a local park, go fishing. Stay within your comfort zone and stay calm. Connect with nature, it's good for you.

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