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Canoe, SUP and Kayak prices are going up!

Everything is getting more expensive, and the outdoor industry is not immune. Canoe, SUP and kayak prices are going up in 2022! But, you are lucky, because we took the bold move of bringing in more inventory for our winter shopping season that usual, so everything that we currently have is on 2021 pricing, rather than the price hikes that will happen in January.

"How much can I expect the prices to go up?" Honestly, we do not know at this time. We do know that one example has been given to us by Crescent Kayaks, who has released their 2022 prices, which like all manufacturers, are subject to change. We know for a fact that the 2021 CK1 Venture, one of our most popular sellers, was $899.00; for 2022 it is $999.00. Likewise, the Crescent Lite Tackle, another very popular offering in 2021, was $999.00; 2022, $1,099.00. So this comes to about a 10% increase.

Other popular brands we carry, like Nucanoe, Bonafide and Native, have announced pricing with similar increases. Jackson Kayaks, still our number one selling brand, has not released their 2022 price increases, but they have announced to dealers that they will be announcing them first of next week. We would have to assume that they will fall in the 10% to 15% increase range.

If you buy now through Christmas, we ware allowed to offer 2021 pricing. But as soon as we get to the calendar turning over another year, and we enter in to 2022, we will be required to honor 2022 pricing only. We are contractually committed to our manufacturers to do this.

So that means NOW IS THE TIME! It may not be ideal for you to pick up your new fishing kayak or family canoe around Christmas... a bummer you may not be able to use it for a few months, although winter time paddling is REALLY COOL, so don't miss the chance! But this is the time to plan and get ahead of the continual increases. We have a huge inventory right now, so color options, accessories and models are, as of today, plentiful. That can change at any moment!.

We are going to do all we can to bring you the best prices we can offer, and keep the playing field as level and as fair as we can. We always have and always will treat you like you are our favorite customer, our friend and a member of our family... because when you support us; you are!

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