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Bonafide Kayaks SKF117

Updated: Feb 8


We set out to make this hybrid standup/sitdown fishing kayak the best one yet with a versatile fishing vessel that can take you from sight fishing on the marsh to paddling with the family on the lake.

The SKF117 is a one-of-a-kind hybrid craft bringing together ultimate performance with comfort at any skill level for an all around better time on the water from fishing to playing. Say hello to your new favorite fishing companion and paddle with confidence with the SKF117. This salt flats Skiff inspired design will take you from mangroves to lakes to rivers.

 Ratings by Category

  • Flat Water 10.0

  • Slow Current 9.0

  • Fast Current 7.0

  • Choppy Water 8.0

  • Surf 6.0

  • Stability 10.0

  • Speed 7.0

  • Tracking 7.0

  • Agility 7.0

  • Comfort 9.0

Specifications of  the all new Bonafide Kayaks SKF117


11'7" / 335.28cm


34.5" / 87.63m


9.5" / 24.13m

Max Capacity

425 lbs. / 192.8kg

Weight w/o Seat

69 lbs. / 31.3kg

Weight with Seat

78 lbs. / 35.5kg

Note: Capacity is determined by taking kayak weight + paddler weight + gear weight. Bonafide determines capacity by where the performance of the kayak becomes very diminished.


  1. Hybrid Catamaran Hull Design

  2. Molded - in underseat storage

  3. Hirise seating system

  4. Boss Strap Paddle Management system

  5. Bow Handle

  6. Dual Stern Handles

  7. Side Carry Handles

  8. Low Profile deck fittings

  9. Seat Rack Positioning System

  10. Omni Hook Stern Tankwell Tie - Down system

  11. Deck Traction Pads

  12. Power Pole micro anchor ready

  13. Stern Access Plate for hull access

  14. Replaceable dual stern skid plates

  15. Sidekick compatible

  16. Tag a long wheel compatible

  17. Molded - in Cup holder

  18. Skeg

Discover the trailblazing features of the all new Bonafide SKF117

ENGINEERED for Better Fishing___

Catch your personal best this summer with a vessel designed for ultimate fishability.


We've packed the SKF117 with features designed to give you a better fishing experience, from skeg to hull and everything in between. With our spring-loaded skeg system, you control how your kayak moves, allowing you to get the most out of your vessel no matter the waterways you're fishing.

Our unique hull design blends the stability and efficiency of a catamaran with the maneuverability of a traditional paddleboard to give you greater control, and confidence, on the water. But we didn't stop there. The SKF117 is designed to be highly customizable, with tons of opportunities to rig your vessel just the way you want it. The SKF117 is also Bonafide Sidekick compatible.

No matter where you fish or how, with the SKF117 on your side, you just can't miss.

Defining Versatility___

Whether you're seeking accessibility in the hard to reach mangroves hunting for snook or hitting the lake for an afternoon of paddling with the family, the SKF117 will be your secret weapon.

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