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If you have never paddled before, or are new to the sport, an Instruction lesson from our expert team is the best way to leap into the sport! We are passionate about teaching people how to love the sport as much as we do, and that shapes how we lead our classes.

You might be wanting to buy a kayak and desire how to use it right; you might be leading a group and want to know the best way; or you may just need a tune up from your last paddling experience many years ago. Any way you look at it, we can help!

Check out our Instructional Classes below!


Anyone can kayak... really, it's pretty simple. BUT, you can definitely kayak a right way and a wrong way! And it takes so much longer to forget those bad habits then it does to simply learn it right the first time. So if you are in the market for your first kayak, or have already bought it, or maybe you just wanted to perfect some skills; let us get you off on the right foot... or should we say paddle!

If you don't know terms like bow, stern, eddy, ferry, draw, CPR, torso rotation or more... then this class is for you!


Classes are offered every Sunday at 1PM beginning April 16th. Saturday and weekday classes available by appointment.


$150.00 per person (Private Class)

$100.00 per person (2 or more)

"Introduction to Kayak"
Kayaking 101


SUP is still one of the fastest growing paddle sports opportunities in the US, and definitely one that is trending. Take off on the right foot with a hands on class with our expert instructors. We are the original SUP providers in Kentucky and have been offering it since 2008

Our classes are offered in a small group format, on the Kentucky River. Class last normally 3 to 4 hours with plenty of free paddle time.


Classes are offered by appointment only. No SET DAYS!



$150.00 per person (Private Class)

$100.00 per person (2 or more)


"Introduction to SUP"
Stand Up Paddleboarding 101


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