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Kentucky River Trips

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The Kentucky River is one of the most historic rivers in the state of Kentucky. Its wide banks, flat water, and remote feel are reasons it is perfect for all skill levels, especially beginners! The river is truly a unique way to experience Kentucky's state capitol and Downtown Frankfort.

Trips on the Kentucky River are all start and finish at the same location. Think of it like paddling on a lake, as that is about how flat and calm the water is. Rentals available on the river are canoes, kayaks, tandem kayaks, and stand up paddle boards. 

Check out our Kentucky River options below! 

Perfect for beginners or those just looking for a change of pace! Our downtown paddle is simply that; a relaxing time on the relaxing river that forms a perfect horseshoe in our beautiful downtown. Experience flat water at its finest! Many of our guests enjoy paddling in to one of the few restaurants located along the river banks, enjoying a meal or a drink, then continue on their journey. You can stay on the water as long as you want, just as long as you are back at closing. Most people stay out around 2-3 hours. ​


Canoe - $45.00 (additional $10.00 for 3rd person under 85lbs)

Single Kayak - $30.00

Tandem Kayak - $55.00

Fishing Kayak - $95.00

Stand Up Paddleboard - $40.00

(There is an additional $5.00 per boat charge on Sat. & Sun.)


"Kentucky River Downtown Paddle"

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