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Environmental Education

We offer 2 Environmental Education Paths... 

#1 School & Educational Groups

Canoe Kentucky offers a variety of on the water and land based, hands on learning experiences to reinforce curriculum topics you covered in your classroom. We will tailor these to your class size, topics you wish to cover, and time frame you are available to be with us. We will coordinate the best location for your class’ experience, whether it be in Frankfort, your school, or a surrounding area. Let us help you plan your field trip which will meet your students’ needs and your desires. We look forward to working with you to conduct hands on learning activities with your students.  CLICK HERE to email our professional staff who can assist you in arranging the perfect solution to your teaching needs.  Or, CLICK HERE to be directed to our On Water School Group offerings.

#2 Open to the Public

We offer community and open programs several times a year. These can include our Explore Nature Series program: guided hikes and other various workshops. These are provided at a minimal charge, and many are done in partnership with some of our great local neighbors, like Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, Buckley Wildlife Sanctuary and Local Extension.


These programs are tailored to families, groups, or individuals that may be looking to learn more about the world we live in. Frankfort offers so many opportunities. Why not take advantage of them? See below for Upcoming Events!.. and SIGN UP TODAY! We Fill seat early! 

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