Week long Camps not offered in 2021 they will return in 2022


We will have day programs

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Adventure Camps & Youth Programs

Adventure Camps

This camp is designed for those who are looking for the traditional summer camp experience. These camps offer a mixture of both on water and land activities. Activities include canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, basic survival skills, hiking, educational day trips and basic outdoor skills. 


Overnight Adventure Camps

We have teamed up with Kentucky State Parks to provide a unique experience in multiple parts of our beautiful state. From the east, where we have paddling, climbing, rappelling, caving, and more at our fingertips, to the central part of our state, where paddling the Green River allows for an on the water overnight experience, to the west where the flat lakes and small ponds create a phenomenal outdoor learning experience.
These camps are designed for those who are looking for a little more than a traditional day camp. During these camps all meals/equipment and travel from Frankfort is included. These camps will be  week long trips allowing campers to learn more in-depth skills including basic camping and navigation mixed with the culture of an amazing overnight camp  
Email or call us for more details on what activities your child will be participating in and what to expect from these camps.

"Outside The Box" Camps

These camps add a little bit more than our typical adventure camp. Offering a more specialized experience for your child.

With fishing, level up, build a boat & give back camp. We are sure there is a week to suite every interest. Click the link to learn more. 

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Homeschool Adventure Program

Our Homeschool Adventure program is a should season "semester" based program. We have partnered up with the Frankfort Department of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Sites to offer this one of a kind program, especially  for Central Kentucky. This program will be facilitated by the wonderful staff at Canoe Kentucky, focusing on Environmental Education and outdoor skills. 

This program is currently offered Tuesdays in the fall and spring from 10am-12pm at Thornhill Education Center


​Offering practical skills, archery, team building, ball sports, arts and crafts, and natural world education.The program will be broken up into 4-week units. A semester will consist of 3 units which totals 12 weeks. 


School Groups

CKY can customize your next school trip. Centered around the goals set by you. Why not spend your next field trip in a fun and educational outdoor environment? We offer great school rates and professional staff to facilitate your experience.  We have so many options for this!

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